3 Month Postponed Loan Application

Deferred loan product

Anyone who meets the necessary conditions can benefit from the 3-month deferred loan product, which is launched periodically. The 3-month deferred loan product, which is an arrangement that is based on providing a solution that is tailored to the needs of people, is suitable for most customers since it can be prepared in installments on a quarterly basis.

In the case of commercial loans such as investment or opening business loans other than retail loans, the grace period can be extended by negotiating with the bank.

Good Finance 3 Month Postponed Loan Features


The most prominent feature of Good Finance’s 3-month deferred loan product, which attracts people who need credit , is that it is allowed to use the loan today, but the repayment is started 3 months later. In this way, the consumer can take advantage of the 3-month grace period, and he / she can pay your other debts faster and gain a 3-month process to obtain other needs.

At the end of this period, with the start of payments, your plan consisting of equal installment amounts comes into play. Sometimes it is possible to pay back with variable installments within the scope of special campaigns organized by the bank. Another feature of the postponed loan is that it covers a process that shortens the maturity of the loan. Because when you use this credit, the maximum number of maturity that can actually be 48 months will be reduced to 45 months when the payment is initiated.

In the unpaid months, it is reflected as if the payment was realized and the required credit which can be used for a maximum of 48 months is deducted from the payment plan. Or, if you use a different category of credit, the payment plan will be deducted from the maximum number of maturities as if the payment was made for the first 3 months.

Good Finance 3 Month Postponed Loan Calculator and Interest Rates

Good Finance 3 Month Postponed Loan Calculator and Interest Rates

You can relieve your financial situation which will earn a grace period under appropriate conditions. However, the bank’s interest process is not stopped. When you use Good Finance’s 3-month deferred loan , current interest rate adjustments are made so that no delay occurs.

Therefore, the interest rates in the non-payment period will be reflected to the payment plan by distributing them equally to all maturities when the payment date is reached. Within the scope of the campaigns organized periodically, the interest difference arising from the postponement can be reflected in the first installment of the plan.

In this case, only your first installment is a high sum and your other payments can be set to a low amount. However, the fact that this difference is not in exorbitant amounts is in the interest of most bank customers.

Bank 3 Month Postponed Loan Application

You can apply for a 3-month postponed loan that provides a financial relief to the consumer due to its late start compared to normal loan products. To do this, you should first apply to the nearest branch of the bank and learn the current interest rates and payment opportunities.

If the interest rates offered are suitable for you, you can create a preliminary application for a 3-month postponement of the loan product you wish to use. Following this application, your review process will be initiated and with the positive results of the process, you will be asked for some documents according to the type of credit you want to use. After you submit the required documents to the branch, you can immediately use the loan amount applied with the approval of the bank and you can start your payments after 3 months.

It is possible to apply for a 3-month deferred loan application via the Internet or the Bank’s mobile application. However, you should follow the credit campaigns announced by the bank in certain periods.

Currently, Good Finance does not currently have a campaign for the deferred loan product. However, if the bank makes an arrangement and makes an announcement, it will also explain which channels you can apply for. If you don’t want to miss the advantages, Good Finance official website is the channel that you need to follow up continuously. Because it publishes its bank campaigns on its official website first…

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