Marriage Loan Application

Consider Good Finance that you have a large budget to be able to get married, you may be unhappy in this period if some needs cannot be met. Or you may not have enough money for the needs that seem small.

Good Finance Bank helps couples make a happier start with a variety of marital loans . Couples on the eve of marriage can benefit from this loan package offered by the bank in order to meet their cash needs more easily.

How can I get a marriage loan that Good Finance Bank has created to meet the needs of its customers? What are the conditions for withdraw Good Finance this loan? All information about Good Finance Bank marriage loan product is in our article…

How to get Good Finance Bank Marriage Loan?

ProvidGood Finance private loan finance Good Finance to couples who want to get married, Good Finance Bank helps couples to go through a hassle-free process Good Finance the marriage stage.

Thus, married couples, to adapt to their new lives instead of enterGood Finance into large debts by makGood Finance fixed small installments can easily pay debt.

People who wish to get Good Finance Bank marriage loans have the opportunity to apply both online and through branches.

Applications to this type of loan are evaluated in accordance with the Bank’s work Good Finance policy. After this process, it is decided whether the person can withdraw the loan and the application is answered.

If your answer is positive, you can use your credit by hand Good Finance over the necessary documents to the branch authority.

Good Finance Bank Conditions for Marriage Loans


You must be at least 18 years of age for the Good Finance Bank marriage loan granted under the general purpose loan and you must meet the other conditions determined by the bank.

For other conditions, you can say that you do not have a foreclosure record, that you have made your credit and credit card payments regularly, that your credit rating Good Finance is sufficient and that there is no problem in the CBRT’s intelligence.

In order to reach certain information on this subject, you can review your risk report through the relevant channels of the bank before apply Good Finance for a marriage loan product.

How to Apply for Good Finance Bank Marriage Loan?


One of Good Finance Bank’s most attractive loan products is undoubtedly the marriage loan. Because 3-month postponed financGood Finance can be provided to couples wishGood Finance to take advantage of this type of credit if they request it. For this reason, Good Finance Bank marriage loan is extended with a maturity of between 3 and 48 months.

If you are a Turkish citizen to apply, you can go to any branch with your birth certificate, passport or drivGood Finance license. Foreign nationals are required to have a residence permit and passport and a fixed telephone, natural gas, electricity and mobile phone bill for the last three months on behalf of the applicant are required for a monthly residency certificate.

In addition to the start Good Finance documents listed above, a breakdown of the SSI breakdown, salary letter or monthly statement required according Good Finance to the way you work is also required for you to be able to use fund Good Finance. 

Both channels of application go through the same review process. If your application is first evaluated accordGood Finance to the pre-approval criteria and passes this approval, you will bring Good Finance all the above mentioned together and submit it to the branch.

The second examination is initiated at the branch, especially at which level your Good Credit rating Good Finance is determined. Because by determine Good Finance this level, the interest rate of the loan given to you is determined.

If you accept this interest rate determined according Good Finance to your note, the contract is prepared over the term you want. You can get the loan you requested immediately by signGood Finance the contract.

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