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You can make an inquiry to Good Finance Bank for all types of loans you have made. We have provided all the details about the application inquiry including housing, consumer, vehicle and education loans. Moreover, we informed the applicants who applied for loans to Good Finance Bank about the application process and informed them when this process was concluded. To find out your loan application result easily with your credentials, simply review our article…

When will Good Finance Bank Loan Application be concluded?

When will Good Finance Bank Loan Application be concluded?

Loan applicants usually focus on when the outcome will be disclosed. The credit approval process may vary depending on the type of financing applied. The fastest type of loan you can get answers is Good Finance Bank’s general purpose loan.

The approval process determined by the Bank for general purpose loans is between 1 and 7 working days. After obtaining the personal information of the applicant, the income status, credit score, salary slip and additional income are checked. If all of your documents are complete and you are considered to be a perfect customer in repaying the loan, your application will be approved shortly.

If you have applied for a Good Finance Bank home loan, your application may take 2 to 7 business days to complete. The approval process of the housing loan, which is intended to be withdrawn for immovables such as houses, apartments, land and housing, operates differently from the general purpose loans.

Even the appraisal report may take an average of 1 or 2 days. On the other hand, vehicle loan is similar to housing loan application approval process and applications are concluded within 2-7 working days after the appraisal report is issued in 1 or 2 days.

Good Finance Bank Credit Inquiry


If you are curious about the positive or negative results of your loan, you can use the loan inquiry methods provided by Good Finance Bank. The Bank facilitates the loan follow-up process of its customers by offering many options.

The first option is to follow up loan applications via the bank’s internet branch. To do this, you need to access the follow-up page at www.Good and enter your call type, TC ID number and mobile phone number in the relevant sections. After this information, you can enter the characters you see in the transaction verification box correctly and press “Continue” button, you can easily find out the current stage of the loan you are applying for.

Make a credit inquiry

Make a credit inquiry

You can also call Alo Good Finance to make a credit inquiry . Telephone banking of the bank gives you the freedom to get answers about your loan with a sentence that you specify as you wish. For example, when you call 444 0 333, “I want to learn about my loan application,, you can have the system automatically redirect you to the relevant department and question your credit.

Lastly, Good Finance Bank is the banking channel that you can use for loan inquiry . You can go to any Good Finance Bank branch near you, together with your identity, to find out the stage of your application and whether it has been completed…

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