Bank raises personal payday loan interest rates

Interbank will increase its interest rates for the personal payday loan on 25 April. The lowest interest rate of 4.1% is hereby increased to 4.5% for credit amounts above 50,000 euros.

Have you already applied for a personal payday loan through Interbank and already received a provisionally approved offer? Then this offer is valid for another three months. Do you not have a loan yet but are you planning to take out a loan soon?

Then read our tips to borrow money cheaply and responsibly.

Take out a new payday loan

Take out a new loan

The National Credit Checker has a suitable loan for every loan target. Do you want to do a large expense such as buying a new car or kitchen? And is the balance on your savings account insufficient? Then a loan offers a solution. Our interest is low and our conditions are favorable thanks to the cooperation with our partner banks. You can always repay the loan without penalty and we have developed credit protectors so that you can borrow carefree. Based on personal advice, you take out the best loan at the lowest interest rate with us.

Borrow money cheaply and responsibly at the lowest credit rate

Borrow money cheaply and responsibly at the lowest credit rate

If you want to take out a personal payday loan soon, view and compare the current interest rates. With the National Credit Checker you can take out a loan from 4.1% through DEFAM. Depending on your personal or financial situation, the exact interest rate is determined by the banks. Want to know more about how you can borrow money responsibly and responsibly? Read our tips on responsible borrowing.

Save on your payday loan? Check the interest

Save on your loan? Check the interest

Do you have a loan? Or do you have an open ‘buy now, pay later’ purchase or credit card bill? And are you still repaying it or paying interest on it? Chances are that you have a loan with a high interest rate. And so pay too much. That’s a shame. Save on your loan now and take out your loan advantageously.

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