Grant Loan State-Supported Grant Loans in 2019

Grant Loans Information about the supports granted in 2019, non-repayable grant loans and 2019 grant loans are provided in the continuation of our article. People who want to start a new business and can not find the necessary investment budget is good news from the state!

You can easily start your own business with grant loans within the opportunities offered to our young entrepreneurs who want to increase their employment and start their own business. We will share all information about government grants in 2019, grant loan application requirements, grant loan application forms and government grants. What are the state subsidies given in 2019? Information on grant loans 2019 .

What are Grant Loan 2019 Supports?

What are Grant Loan 2019 Supports?

In 2019, the gospel of the state-funded grant loans was given before the end of 2018. Good Finance, Development Agencies, is intended to support the IPARD and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry under the leadership of our production to countries that grant and support from the smallest unit that makes many entrepreneurs to the largest units and the manufacturer. This gospel given in our country, which has had difficult economic times, has been welcomed with joy and has already led all eyes to institutions to be supported. The Government’s grant loan 2019 plan, which sets off with the password to avoid difficult days by producing;

  • Increasing exports,
  • Reducing imports by increasing the production of imported substitutes,
  • Supporting high value added products,
  • Increasing employment

Whether the supports that will cover all sectors with their targets have reached their targets will be clarified with the projects to be realized by the producers who benefit from the grants and incentives given in the coming days.

It was decided. The package is expected to be put into practice after the end of the New Year holiday. After the transformation in Good Finance, the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of the Republic of Turkey, will continue to provide support in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry. With the support and grants to be provided in 2019, it is understood with the explanations and regulations that the producers and entrepreneurs will not have difficulty in accessing finance economically.

What are the agricultural supports to be given in 2019?


Republic of Turkey Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, who has given importance to agriculture and animal husbandry in our country since the day he took office, announced the support they will give as the Ministry in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry. Minister agricultural support in 2019 mentioned in the statements;

  • Increasing the agricultural supports from TL 14.5 billion in 2018 to TL 16.1 billion in 2019,
  • Delivering the supports to all producers from the smallest manufacturer to the largest producer,
  • Increasing the agricultural credit subsidy from TL 4.7 billion in 2018 to TL 5.3 billion in 2019,
  • 5,1 Billion TL determination of agricultural sector investment appropriations,
  • Providing loans to farmers in need with interest-free or low-interest options in cooperation with the Agricultural Credit Cooperative and Good Lender,
  • Granting 30.000 TL to young farmers to return to the village,
  • Fuel, seed and seedling support

It can be summarized as main headings. The content and application requirements of these loans may vary from region to region. The institutions to which the grant loans are distributed determine various criteria along with the investment needs of your region. In line with these criteria, all institutions take a common decision and start to offer grant loans to the citizens at the rates they set. Grant Credit 2019 supports livestock as follows.

What are the livestock supports to be given in 2019?


Especially in recent years, 2019 livestock grants , which are important in order to combat the increasing red meat prices, were eagerly awaited by cattle and ovine producers. Minister also mentioned livestock supports in his statements;

  • Starting support payment of TL 119.021.000 for 1.588.000 tons of raw milk produced in July-August period of 2018,
  • Increasing the amount of support given to milk producers to 20 Kuruş,
  • Granting 37 Million TL to 50 livestock projects,
  • If 48.400 producers prefer fattening slaughterhouses approved by the Ministry, payment of 250 TL fattening per animal bovine

He listed the good news about the support to be given in the form. As in the field of agriculture, the amounts to be provided in the livestock sector will vary according to the needs of the region. Because there will be less demand for investment in regions where livestock production is low, the region will remove less investment.

Will the 2019 Young Farmer Project Continue?

The support and grants made by the Turkish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry also included the Young Farmer project. According to the statements of Minister, the young farmer was among the grant projects that were decided to continue to be implemented in 2019 as well. Young farmers who want to make a definite return to the village will continue to benefit from the 30 thousand TL grant in 2019.

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